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8 ball pool playstore images 2

8 ball pool playstore images 2

Four Top Easy Tricks and Tips to Ace the Game of 8 Ball Pool

Gaming has taken the entertainment world by storm. One such game that has lately gained a lot of attraction of people worldwide is 8 Ball Pool that is in association with the social media site, Facebook. This game, 8 ball pool is a pocket billiard game that is supported in Desktop and smart phones. The game has some main elements that are used to play with are, cue sticks, and sixteen balls, one white cue ball and fifteen other balls from which seven of them are striped balls, seven solid coloured balls and one black ball with the number 8 printed on it.

The game starts with the balls scattered at a break shot. The players are assigned in two different groups that are recognised by the ball that they hit either the striped ones or the solid colour ones. The objective of this game is to pocket balls and ultimately legally pocketing the 8 numbered ball, which can be done only after the balls that are assigned to the groups are already pocketed.

Some of the tricks and guides of 8 ball pool hack that will help a player to master in the game are as follows:

Selection of Proper table

No one desires to be hustled out of the game’s coin collection at the very beginning. There are various kinds of table that are initially available free for players to choose and play with ease, but as one starts to swipe left to check more options, they find that the tables have expensive entry fees. At the beginning,it is advisable for the players to stick by the Downtown London pub, until one gets good hands on the pool cue, thereafter one can try to move on to Sydney.

Purchasing better Cue of powers

The game has many cues and each of them has four different attributes. These attributes are mentioned below:

  • Spin – this decides on how much one can put spin on shots.
  • Force – this decides how much a player can exert pressure on the ball during the hit.
  • Time –This decides on how much time can be taken to shoot a ball
  • Aim – Determines the aim line of the players while making the shot.

This game has no instant win cue; one requires skill and practice to win, one can still use the force cue smartly in order to win trick fully win the game without the opponent’s notice.

Faster shooting

The worst possible thing in 8 Ball Pool is having one’s shot stacked up in a line, right before one tends to make the move, the time goes up. In order to line up the balls quicker, one can do so by dragging and tapping on the surface in front of the cue tip that will actually help the cue to move faster. Thereafter, dragging can make precise shots from the handle of the cue and exactly position the handle where one wants to place it.

Free gaining of coins

Players can gain 25 coins in every 30 minutes of the gameplay, in laptops or desktops and 1 hour on mobile phones.

Proper planning and targeted moves can successfully help one to ace the game with perfection. New players and the less experienced ones need to follow 8 Ball Pool hack thoroughly to master in it with different tricks.


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