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Angry Birds 2, slingshot your way with angry birds.


angry birds 2 playstore images 2

angry birds 2 playstore images 2

Interesting Facts One Needs To Know About Angry Birds 2 Tips and Game Guide

Angry Birds 2 is a puzzle video- game developed by a gaming agency, Rovio Entertainment. It was released back in the year 2015 and is a part of the twelfth edition of the game in the Angry Birds Franchise, and is a direct sequel to the Angry Birds movie.

The game is free to be played with various purchase options available reaching up to the Premium package where you get extra benefits to score high.

The game was released internationally on iOS and Android platforms on July 30, 2015, and it was renamed Angry Birds 2, in the same year.

Things you need to know about the game-play of Angry Birds 2

The gameplay of Angry Birds 2 consists of a very simple concept. It is played with the birds attached to a sling-shot then they are launched at the nearby structures. The bonus option available in the game play consists of a Silver bird which comes after clearing multiple levels and you can easily knock down multiple structures at once.

As you tend to move forward in the levels, the individual birds that you want to select are placed on the cards. Players boost up their score by destroying the pigs and the structure on which they tend to rest upon. There are various chits available Angry Birds 2 hack available which lets you explore the various tricks and tips available to let you win the game easily.

You can now avail the game of Angry Birds 2 readily on your Android smartphones which will allow you to play the game easily and also help you access the premium category where various boosting tools and equipment are available to allow a lubricant and better gameplay.

The Plot of Angry Birds 2

You must already be familiar with the movie Angry Birds, so the plot of the game won’t be that of a difficult task for you to understand the concept of the game.

-Will it?

The basic plot goes by, Chef Pig who tries to steal and keep the eggs in an airship. So basically it’s a conquest where the birds will try to rescue the eggs from the hierarchy of pigs who has trapped the eggs. The birds will defeat the evil pigs and rescue the eggs from their trap.

Hidden benefit

There also lays a hidden benefit in the game-play where varied gifts are randomly located at each level. Hitting the blue gifts allows a player to send gifts to a friend via various social media platforms. Hitting on the red gifts will allow the players to earn more coins or more of red bird feathers. Out of all these Golden Pigs may emerge out of nowhere which boosts up the destruct-o-meter when they pop up

To conclude, Angry Birds 2 is a fun game with lot of benefits and treasures hidden in it, also there are various Angry Birds 2 hack available to ensure a lubricant and better gameplay and also has short-cuts to access the eggs and the hidden treasure at once.


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