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Azur Lane, is an intricate mix of rpg and tactical genre.

azur lane playstore images

azur lane playstore images

All You Need To Know About the Gameplay of Azur Lane Tips and Game Guide

Azur lane is a shooting video game, developed by a Chinese gaming company Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi. The game was first released for Android and iOS operating systems. The whole premise of the game is set on a World War 2 premise with various warships around and characters are based on these warships to fight and combat in the battles. It was first launched in China in May 2017, then went on to become popular throughout Japan the same year.

In the game the players can enter different maps and combat those using ships and guns against the opposing player’s team. The map hosts enemy fleets to combat the players in different battle situations.

The gameplay of Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a shooting video game where the player plays the role of specific characters and goes on a shooting venture to shoot at enemies and combat them. The players in the game can make two fleets, the front and the back row and with three slots available in each row, to achieve victory in different battle situations.

It is a multiplayer game and both the teams of the players are to fight and combat each other through active gameplay where the two teams tend to destroy light cruisers and heavy cruisers and other combinations of ship sin order to achieve victory over other cruises and the main aim being, reaching the map’s boss.

When proceeding with the battle the players can make use of virtual joysticks in order to control the fleet in the front row, which fires shells at the aimed targets and launches torpedoes at the target. When they are stationary the back row tends to sell barrages and removes projectiles.

Make it easier, make it quicker

Now the whole game depends upon the health of the characters and their ability to combat the battle. Telling this, the players can virtually call on air-strikes to combat the opponent enemy. There are various options available to ensure better ways to win the game where you can use azur lane hack to reveal various cheats and short-cuts in order to ensure a better gameplay.

Additional features being added

Various improvisions were made after the game first released. A varied range of mechanics has been added to the game. Submarine and anti-submarine systems were introduced in May 2018. Also the ships now have an opportunity to breed cats, and can be obtained from a section called the cattery. They can now provide buffs too that can be brought along with the fleets of the battle,

To conclude, the game is a really fun to play, with high end graphics, top-notch characters, and brisk game-play, there are also a varied range of azur lane hack available to ensure a win by unfolding short-cuts and tips to gain you a good score and to help you win the combat.

The game is a highly demanded one and it’s an assurance that you won’t be disappointed while playing this awesome combat game with your friends and family.


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