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Battlelands Royale. Engage in non-stop carnage with this battle royale game lasting for 3-5 minutes!

battlelands royale images wallpaper playstore

battlelands royale images wallpaper playstore

Have you ever played the matches of fortnite? If yes then you need to try the game Battlelands royale as it is practically the cutest version that one can ever make. Don’t get tricked with its miniature and cartoon appearance of the characters as these are dangerous packets. Several skins and costumes are also available for these miniatures that you can unlock with funds. But if you are low on the credits then use the Battlelands royale hack and catch hold of the unlimited amount of credits, and then enjoy adorning your avatar.


The gameplay is very simple, where a vast number of players will be plunged in the battleground where they will need to collect various pieces of stuff for their survival in the combat field. The things that needed to be collected are clothes, health kits, armor, weapons, and much more. Knockdown all the other players until you are the only one who is left in the game.



Moving on to the tips of the game that can make your game tactics even more effective, then here is all the stuff. You can have a look at some of the useful tips below:

  • Pre-decide the landing spot

It is better to choose the place beforehand where you are going to land. It is the most crucial step as landing on a sparsely crowded area will be safer than the one that is crowded with several players. Therefore, to thrive longer in the battle, you need to land in a safe place so that you get enough time to get prepared and collect the items for you.

The tip is to land near the boundary, as there it is easier to loot the weapons and armors.

  • Supply drops

In the game, the players can collect various supply drops as these are filled with a variety of stuff. But it is not that easy to collect these drops because several players run to grab the drop which increases the chances of being knocked out by someone. But if the drop is supplying you the bazooka or the minigun then don’t miss the opportunity.

  • Hiding in the grass

If in case you do not have enough weapons to protect yourself from the enemies, then it is better to hide in the grass for your survival. It is because the other players can’t see you if you have covered yourself in the grass.

  • Avoid looking for your enemies

The Battlelands royale is not about gaining the most number of skills but is about surviving for long on the battlefield. Therefore, stop looking for other players and killing them, keep collecting the weapons, and hide in a safe zone. Save your weapons and shooting abilities until the final wave.

However, you can also have access to exclusive weapons by obtaining funds through the Battlelands royale hack. That is all for now.

Be ready to experience the challenges in the battlefield but in an adorable version. Happy hunting!!


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battlelands royale hack proof

battlelands royale hack proof


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