Bloons Td 6 Review: Essential Points That Make Bloons Td 6 Interesting To Play

Essential Points That Make Bloons Td 6 Interesting To Tinker With

It is believed that gaming has changed the lifestyle of people in a better way. Not only it is used for entertainment purpose. It has since wielded its own benefits on health management. An example of which is relaxing after whole day’s work stress. Consequently it aids in making memory sharp. An further, enhances the concentration level.

Therefore, here is a game that has proven it to be the best of all in the recent times, the game is Bloons TD 6, and it is a series of tower defense game that is influenced under the Bloons’ series, developed and produced by Ninja Wiki. Initially the game was created as a browser game, built consequently upon the Adobe Flash platform, released in the year 2007. Later it expanded to the platforms like Androids, iOS, Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo DSi. Let’s dive in and do a bloons td 6 review.

bloons td 6 playstore credits images

bloons td 6 playstore credits images

Bloon tower defense 6

About the game

In this game of Bloon tower defense 6, players venture it to avert balloons (named bloons in game) from reaching out the extreme end of this course.These are set by placing towers and items that are found on road along with that it may pop the balloons or bloons invarious ways. During the gameplay, some of the towers can halt the bloons and offer the other towers more time to explode them by either freezing or gluingthem.

With each popping of the bloons a certain amount of money is gained through coins. Completion of levels and collecting bananas from pre-existing gamescan be spent on the newly built towers which also help in collecting coins. It is advisable for the players to repeatedly upgrade the game on completing each level for better chance of winning.

What are the gameplay characteristics?

The game features three newly developed modes,which are Easy, Medium, and Difficult just like any other games. It might not sound much but this game too gets difficult as one completes different levels and reaches higher ones.

  1. Easy Mode:

The towers that are used for popping balloons are 15% cheaper, the bloons appear slower and has 40 rounds to complete. The game has monkeys in the easy mode, to beat easy levels along with heroes.

  1. Medium Mode:

The towers and bloons are normal andhave 60 rounds. In this level, waves are sent back from where it came and leaks from entrance door. Here, a hero and a military is present to beat medium stages.

  1. Hard Modes:

The tower costs 8% more and the bloons travels faster. This level has bloons with special features that are sent much often. Round 99 and 100 are the toughest and the most challenging. It requires heroes along with magic monkeys to win.

Some reviews of the game

Mentioned below are some of the bloons td6 game reviews only from zesthack:

  1. The game is fast paced, with its wide range of levels in each of the modes, the game has no ending.
  2. The game renders excellent quality of graphics, audio system and energetic characters; all these widely contribute to the fun and excitement of the gameplay.
  3. The game is very Mission oriented, that means every player has to complete the level with adequate tactics and only then he/she will be rewarded.

This game has widely contributed as stated by bloons td 6 game reviews, it may have a lot of difficult levels but if one wins, it gives an ultimate satisfaction of achievement.





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