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Boom Beach, take an enthralling ride and capture enslaved troops.


boom beach playstore images 2

boom beach playstore images 2

Updated Boom beach tips and guide

Boom beach, the ultimate RTS game has finally arrived on the platforms of android users to provide them the best experience of the archipelago of the islands of the tropical region. The game is released from the same company which had made clash of clans popular amongst the gamers. Here you will not be only commanding and conquering the islands but also will be controlling the army for the welfare of your army.


In-game Funds

The game has several in-game currencies that play an essential role in raising your progress in the game. These currencies are the gems, gold, and diamonds. Without these funds, you will not be able to defense your army, and even you can’t upgrade your army. Therefore, keep in mind to manage them. If you are not good at the work of collection, then you must try using the Boom beach hack and have your hands on a generous amount of funds to play with.


Things you can do

There is a lot of stuff that you can do in the game from constructing the buildings to training the troops. To make progress faster in the game you will require to do all these kinds of stuff in the game as soon as possible.



Now, that we had a general overview of the gameplay let’s have a look at some tips that will help you to have more fun and realistic experience in the game.

  • Multitasking

In the game, as you go to know that you will require adding and upgrading the buildings, these buildings take a lot of time to get built. Therefore, it is suggested to do other tasks such as adding new troops, attacking the opponents, or upgrading the island. Thereby, your time gets well utilized.

  • Transforming the trees into lumber

Initially, in the game, you will have plenty of gold but a shortage of wood. Constructing the buildings requires wood, and not having enough wood will restrict you from developing your island further. If you think of buying the wood, then remember that it requires diamond which can only be purchased through real money. Therefore, it is better to use 600 gold to convert a tree into lumber so that you don’t need to worry about running out of wood later in the game.

  • Upgrading the stuff

  • You can update multiple kinds of things in the game using your funds. It is a crucial step as with upgrading; you get access to add new members to your crew with even better strengths and fighting competence. However, if you don’t have enough amount of fund to upgrade, then opt for the Boom beach hack and get access to a liberal amount of credits. Now you can improve things as much as you want.


These are the few tips that you can use along with your strategies to get into the hot list of the game. So, have a good journey on the island and conquer others. Hasten up, some fantastic pieces of stuff are waiting for you in the game.


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