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Brutal Age, is an enticing tribe hunting game which brings back the hunting feels for all ages.


brutal age images from playstore

brutal age images from playstore

Brutal age tips and guide

Brutal age is the game that takes you to the age of the prehistoric times when the brutal forces conquer at every place. The game is a management game where you need to use your strategies to thrive in the age. Take the experience of ancient times at every level. Meanwhile, don’t forget to collect the resources as well, which will help you to survive in the game. However, not being able to manage these resources can create problems for you; therefore, to avoid that make the use of the brutal age hack right from the start. Thereby, you will not face any issues further in the game.



Initially, there are chances that you get bored of the game, but as son, you will progress, the real challenges will come. Some of these tasks and challenges are hunting for food, gathering with others, fighting battles, and much more.

So, without wasting any moment further, let’s dive into the tips and the other useful elements of the game.



If you are new to the game and you don’t know how to hunt, explore and teleport then there’s no need to fret about as here are some of the fantastic tips that will help you out.

  • Protecting the hordes

One of the best ways to prevent your troops from being killed is to send them for a rally. While being in the rally, nor they can defend your colony neither can be killed. Whenever you need the troops, you can cancel the rally anytime.

  • Attacking the opponent players

Fighting battles is one of the most critical aspects of the game. But if you want to conquer the battles then keep in mind the basic strategy that is to send double the troops that opponent has. Thereby, it will be easier for soldiers to kill their soldiers much quickly. But if your opponent has forces in large number then take a step back and don’t take action until you also get a good amount of troops.

  • Food

Farming is a good and only source of obtaining food for your colony. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the aspect of farming, as well.

  • Daily quest

In the game, you will find several quests in the game that gets updated daily, and also some are organized especially. These quests are the best way to obtain the right amount of resources in the game. Therefore, don’t ignore these quests as these can reward you many credits as well.

However, if you don’t want to beat your brows in the completing the quests then, using the brutal age hack is the straightforward way to get access to a good amount of funds and resources in the game.

  • Visit the temple of wisdom to make research

There is a place in brutal age where you can actually do your researches on various projects. When you complete your research, your progress in the game gets boosted, which also benefits the base buildings.

Follow the tips mentioned above to win the ultimate battle of survival in the brutal age gets some steam in the swarm of prehistoric times.


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brutal age hack proof

brutal age hack proof



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