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Candy Crush Soda, another addition from candy crush series. This new version mixes different sweets with some puzzle breaking activity.


Candy Crush Soda tips and guide

Did you know that, Candy Crush Soda is one form the categories of the game that makes a person addicted to its fantastic gameplay with an adorable voice over. It is much like the candy crush saga that was loved by several people. The game is the second installment in the series of candy crush. The game is having several boosters, power-ups, and the character along with the experience of match-3 puzzle game. There are many exciting levels in the game that will make you super exciting as well.

Although the game is entirely free to play, there are some points of time when you ran out of the game, and the game will demand you to use the real-life currency to get some amount of funds. However, you can avoid this by making the use of the Candy Crush Soda hack and enjoy a generous amount of funds to play with.



Here are some of the fantastic tips that will help you to complete the levels quickly and make faster progress.

  • Necklace bubble bear level

In these kinds of level, where the goal is to save the bubble bears and to make them cross the necklace stripe, the best strategy is to go for the vertical matches that are in the same line as of the bears. Or you can even clear out the entire vertical row above the teddy bear, this way the bear will float to the top.

  • Using the special pieces

There are special candies that you can create in the levels to clear the stage faster. There are several pieces, such as fish which you can create the match of four candies of the same color together.

  • Frozen bear level

If you are stuck on the ice level where you need to scout out the bears then here is a tip for you. There are two cases one is when the bears are stuck under only ice in one layer or twice.  Here the key to clear the level is using the moves only to break those ice bags under which there are bears. You will see a fainted green bear under the ice that contains the bears. Thereby, you will not be wasting your moves.

  • Getting the lives back

If you run out of lives and you desperately need lives to complete the level which makes you stuck in the game, then you don’t need to wait for the lives to get replenished. It is because you can use the time lapse trick here. The trick is to use the time lapse to your advantage here.

All you require doing is to move forward the time few hours so that you can grab on to the lives. Re-launch the game to check the lives, and then you can set the time back. Apart from this, you can get an unlimited amount of lives by opting for the Candy Crush Soda hack.

These are some of the strategies that if you use appropriately, you will feel very more comfortable to clear different levels. Have the experience of the puzzle match game with some soda crush.


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