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Castle Clash, war it out with different kingdoms. Unleash your medieval hero within.


castle clash playstore images

castle clash playstore images

Castle clash tips and guide

Castle clash is a strategy game that has made its way into the app stores and already has made its void in the hearts of millions of people. The gameplay revolves all around making your army and taking them on fighting the combat in the fields. Meanwhile, you can earn several treasures and chests during your journey from which you can collect the funds. However, if you are running low at the number of credits in the game, then you can opt for the Castle clash hack. Thereby the hack will provide you enough amounts of funds to replenish the scarcity.


Pieces of stuff

There are several things in the game, such as troops, buildings, resources, army, and much more. Some can manage all of these but some fails. All it sounds to be very easy, but honestly, there is a lot of stuff to work on. Therefore, here we are to help you out throughout the game. Let’s straight jump on to some of the essential resources in the game and meanwhile we’ll discuss the tips as well.



Constructing the buildings is the core part of the game that plays a vital role throughout the gameplay. There are several buildings that you can build in the game, such as the defensive, resource, army, and other ones as well. Adding and upgrading the buildings will increase your progress in the game and will also grant you some amount of funds in the game as well.


To protect your resources from being damaged by the opponent players, it is necessary to construct appropriate defense buildings. It is equally important as it is to build the other buildings.



  • Position of your buildings

Try to construct the building close to each other and after that give cover to all your buildings with walls slightly away from the buildings. What it will do is that it will make it tough for the opponent troops to shoot above the walls.

  • Upgrading the town hall

Upgrading the town hall is a crucial step in the game it is because of more the level of the town hall, the number of troops you can add to your army. It will increase your defense power in the battle, and you will be able to conquer the battles much more comfortable. The same thing takes us to our next tip, that is:

  • Making town hall your target

If you want to win the fight quickly, then the best thing is to attack the town hall of the other player so that the strength of their defense mechanism will decrease.

  • Upgrading the heroes

It can be done by spending the funds on the heroes. However, if you don’t have enough amounts of credits in your account, then make the use of the Castle Clash hack and get access to an unlimited number of funds in the game.

You can infuse our provided into tips along with your tactics and see how you are going to have a strategic edge over your opponents. So, are you ready to have the real-time experience of the combat field then try castle clash for once?



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