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Grab unlimited gems and elixir with our Clash Of Clans Hack . You can utilize this on android and ios. Learn valuable insights with our Clash of Clans cheats guide as well.

Clash Of Clans, wizards and barbarians. More so, archers yield in this game.

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coc playstore images 2

Clash of clans tips and guide

Many games are trying to gain hype amongst the horde of the strategy games. Meanwhile, a game named Clash of clans has created such a significant impact on the mind of the people that the gamers are getting insane for the ultimate strategy game. The game gives a fast and smooth performance on the platforms of Android, iPad, and the iPhone.



Here the game is not all about commanding and conquering the thing, but there are a lot many things to do, such as training the troops and building an appropriate defense mechanism. Along with that stuff, you also require to manage the resources properly to make your way to success in the game faster. But if you don’t want to rack your brains in opting for the ways to earn the funds, then you need to try the Clash of clans hack. Thereby, you can catch hold of many resources to spend in the game.



If you are a beginner at the platform of this game, then you may require some of the excellent suggestions. Therefore, here are some tips wrapped up for you:

  • Get a good amount of knowledge about the shield use

When you get the shield in the very start of the game, the duration of the shield is for three days. But at that moment, no one will be attacking you. Therefore, you can safely build and upgrade your base buildings. However, during an attack, if you catch hold of a shield when 40 % of your base gets destroyed, then the shield is going to last for about 12 hours. On the other hand, if 90% of your base is gone, then the shield will give you protection for16 hours.

  • The town hall

Most of the people out there make a mistake by upgrading their town hall very soon in the game. But it can be unsafe for you because higher the levels of your town hall, lesser you will get stuff to form the raids. It means that you get maximum loot when your town hall level is less than your opponent.

  • Saving the gems

The clan gems are essential in the game and play a very crucial role here. One having access to these clan gems can buy a variety of pieces of stuff in the game such as shields, troop training, buildings and much more. Therefore, it is better to save the gems for the higher levels when the situation gets tensed. Also, keep collecting the gems which can be obtained either by winning a considerable number of trophies in the game or if by chance you get a gem box.

Another way is exchanging them for the real-life currency, which is not such an excellent idea when you can get these for free. To have access to a generous amount of clan gems without spending a penny is by making the use of the Clash of clans hack.

These are the few tips that genuinely are of great help to the amateurs. Rest, you will become familiar soon with the other elements as well. So, have an incredible adventurous journey while conquering the battles.


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