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Clash Royale, another addition from the reknowned creators of clash of clans.


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clash-royale-blue-king-playstore images2

Clash royale tips and guide

If you have ever tried playing the clash of clans, then you may feel yourself familiar with the characters of the game. Clash royale is a multiplayer game that features all of the characters from the game clash of clans that you love. Here the primary goal of the game is to knock down the other players by damaging their towers having three crowns. Your role here is to lead your troops and guide them to make their way to success. Meanwhile, you can also earn several trophies and crowns.

The game seems to be very easy but adding to your knowledge the game is full of complex mechanism in itself. Therefore, if you are a novice in the game and you haven’t made any strategy, then there are high chances of losing the game. For that reason here we are to assist you so that you can quickly learn to master the fighting and the tactical skills during the battles in the game.



  • Join a clan

There are innumerable benefits of joining a clan in the game. One of the best things is that you can ask the members there in the clan group for the cards. Thereby you can collect a good number of cards from there.

Furthermore, you can acquire the king level points and the other credits when you donate cards to other members in the group, the benefit of the king level points is that it increases the HP of your tower. However, you can also get a generous amount of credits by making the use of clash royale hack. The choice is entirely yours.

Another benefit is that you can connect with the members of the group and thus can make new friends.

  • Learn from your previous matches

One of the best features of the clash royale game is the TV Royale. The feature allows the people to watch the replays of their matches that they have played. It is a precious feature as you can watch out your strategies in your previous matches and learn your mistakes from it.

  • Using the flying troops

It is recommended to use the airborne forces not only to counter-attack the opponent’s same group of soldiers but also because the flying troops are effective against all kinds of land troops.

  • Look for patterns

Before thinking to make any move in the game first observe your cards and your opponent’s cards as well. Try to find out some pattern if there is any. It will help to analyze the opponents move, and then you can make your troops development set accordingly.

  • Last but not least is to collect the funds

Keep collecting the currencies as these are essential to upgrade the heroes and to purchase several other pieces of stuff. If you are not able to raise enough amounts, then use the clash royale hack and grab a liberal amount of funds.


These are some tips that will be helpful to you in the game. So, hasten up and get to fight the ultimate battle and with this, it’s better to end the article on a good note.


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