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clumsy ninja playstore images

clumsy ninja playstore images

Things You Need To Know About the Gameplay of Clumsy Ninja Tips and Game Guide

Clumsy Ninja is an action adventure game developed by the gaming agency Natural Motion in 2013. The game has a very simple and comes with a basic concept where the player has to train a ninja by ordering them to complete their tasks to gain points through their experiences.

The game of Clumsy Ninja became very popular since it’s first release in 2013 for Android and the game was downloaded by over ten million players in the following decade since it’s first release and gained world-wide popularity in the upcoming years.

A basic overview

The basic overview of the game consists of saving Clumsy Ninja’s girlfriend and training his partner Kira from Hori Bull, who has the aim to find Dragon Medallion. It so happened that Kira tends to lose Dragon Medallion due to Hori Bull weakening her. Now the whole premise consists of Clumsy Ninja plundering into a journey to find Kira along with his mates, to free her from the temple and save her form Hori Bull, then finally rescuing her Dragon Medallion and planning for a happy return journey.

The Gameplay

The game passes through various levels and just like the game Mario, Clumsy Ninja too follows the same concept, that is rescuing his girlfriend. But the structure of the game varies greatly, where Mario passes through a puzzle like maze to save his love and in the game of Clumsy Ninja you just need to master your virtual ninja to reach his aim. There are various Clumsy ninja hack available which has various chits and shortcuts available so that the player can reach his desired aim successfully, and earn various belts as he passes through certain stages.

More interesting facts

The ninja throughout the gameplay tries to improve his ninja skills, by jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek hitting the punching bag, and flying with the help of red balloons. The other part of the game consists of the ninja travelling the whole world and covering up various quests.

New tricks are available to unlock various items available to help the ninja train his skills and rescue his girlfriend from the evil Hori Bull. With the various Clumsy ninja hack available you can easily cross all conquests and try to combat the evil to reach the ultimate goal ton gain triumph and win the quest.

New Features added to the game

So far Clumsy Ninja has improvised a lot in terms of graphics and quality and is the first mobile game to use the Euphoria Engine. Since then many people find it easier to download it on Android, and has gained a million players over the following years. Also, Clumsy Ninja was the first game to have a video promotion on the app store.

To conclude, Clumsy Ninja is a fun game to play and has a million of people downloading and playing the game, the game won’t disappoint you at all and its an assurance that you will totally love the game once you play it.


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clumsy ninja hack proof

clumsy ninja hack proof

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