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Creative Destruction, A survival and creative game to boost your war-frame morale.

creative destruction playstore images

creative destruction playstore images

Creative destruction tips and guide

If you have ever played fortnight, then you may find yourself to be familiar with the gameplay of the creative destruction. It is a survival game where you can construct and destruct anything from building to the chairs and poles. As the name suggests that you can reveal your creativity by destructing and crafting the things. Meanwhile, you will also require collecting the currencies of the game to buy the exclusive pieces of stuff. But if you want a straightforward way to obtain the right amount of credits in the game, then it can only be possible by making the use of the Creative destruction hack.



The gameplay is very straightforward and easy in itself, where you need to protect yourself from the tensed situations that are being created at the time of attacks from the enemies. Here you can defend yourself by constructing various buildings and walls.

The game also consists of several modes, weapons, outfits, and other stuff as well. But most of the people misunderstood the game to be a shooting game just because of the elements, but that’s not the case. It is essential that you keep in mind that it is survival game only, therefore, avoid looking for the enemies and increasing your kills.



There are in total of 3 currencies in the game and that are diamonds, star, and the gold coins.

Diamonds: The diamonds are the central credits of the game that are essential for upgrading your weapons. It will increase the chances of survival in the game.

Gold coins: When it comes to the gold coins, then these are the premium currency. The gold coins are required to purchase the exclusive deals in the game.

Star coins: It is the last currency which is utilized to purchase a variety of pieces of stuff, including the skins, weapons, clothes, and much more. You can use these pieces of stuff to adorn your character in the game.

The only way to earn all three of the currencies mentioned above is to win the maximum number of battles as you can. Or else you can obtain these by exchanging the real money. However, here’s an alternative to this by opting for the Creative destruction hack.


Some additional tips that will help you to make faster progress in the game are here:

–    As soon as you land at your desired place, start looting the pieces of equipment for yourself, such as weapons, health kit, and the armors.

–    Keep your focus on the map as well.  Whenever there will be an enemy near you, you will be warned through the signals from the map.

–    Don’t stay intact at one position while shooting. Keep moving, thereby to prevent yourself from being the target easily.

–    After looting the items, don’t stay anywhere outside inside find a place to hide, whether inside the buildings or under the grass.


That is all about the essential elements of the game. Now, hasten up and enjoy the realistic experience of the fun battle genre with creative destruction.


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creative destruction hack proof

creative destruction hack proof



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