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Goddess Primal Chaos, Choose between three classes. Battle your way out to 1v1 , 2v2, 3v3 or multiplayer! Goddess primal chaos not just offers in game battle but quest and fun!

Are you an action freak gamer but love playing the role-playing game at the side of your heart? If yes then here’s the perfect game for you- Goddess Primal Chaos. This fun spirited action game is from koramgame. The game is a mix of actions, and the role-playing thing was killing the enemies is the most important thing to do.  The game provides you a real-time experience of fighting in a combat field where you can win the ultimate battle by using your tactical skills and strong game style.

To have a better overview of the game let’s first have a look at some of the fantastic features of the game which make the game fascinating.

goddess primal image from fb page official

goddess primal image from fb page official



  • Modes

There are a total of five modes in the game, and the most astounding thing is that all of these five are having different gameplay.


  • Dungeons

Two kinds of dungeons are there in the games that are the nightmare and the star. To play the Nightmare dungeon, the players require collecting a particular sort of tokens. These unique tokens can be obtained once after you reach level 96 in the game. However, you can also have your hands on these tokens by using the Goddess Primal Chaos hack.

Where, on the other hand, the Star dungeon doesn’t require anything and can be played entirely free. Zesthack vip game guides from every gamer.


  • Experience points

The XP’s are essential in the game to level up yourself in the game. The more you will earn these points, the faster you will be promoted to the next level. To gain the XP’s what you can do is to decrease the time that you take in each kill.


  • Tips

The players having difficulty in the understanding the games properly, don’t fret as we are here to assist you out. Here are some tips reiterated regarding the beasts in the game. But first here you need to know about the types of the creature: There are four beasts in the game named Deployed, Knight, Endo-and exo-fusion beasts.

  • Getting the beasts

There are different colored eggs in the game that on smashing provides you the beasts. The green ones can be smashed a total five times per day to get the free beasts whereas the blue and the purple ones can be broken once when their countdown gets finished. You can also purchase these eggs spending the funds. However, not having enough gems can restrict you from buying these eggs but don’t worry as you always got the back of Goddess Primal Chaos hack. With it, you can grab onto a good amount of gems.

  • Upgrading the beasts

To level up the beasts, you need the gears and the Mirage crystals. You need to feed the beasts with the gears to increase their strength.

  • Talents of the beast

The beasts are having a lot of diversity, which also specifies their ability in the game. Such as the HP points are there to provide you the honor points in the game.


There we go. That’s all for the Goddess Primal Chaos tips that we can provide to you at the current moment. Now that you are acquainted with the knowledge of handling the beasts, it is time that you to take the field.




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