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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, learn magic spells and solve mysteries with harry on this creative game.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery playstore images

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery playstore images

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery tips and guide

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery is a magical role-playing game that revolves all around Hogwarts University. In the game, you will be experiencing the feeling of being in the magical school of the Hogwarts. It is more of a kind of a novel game where the players can interact with the characters in the school following a particular storyline.

If you are an amateur at the game, then you may are unaware of the basics, therefore, here are some useful tips and information that will help up you out to learn and perform in the game in a much better way.


In-app purchases

Although the game is entirely free to play and also seems to very amiable at the very first glance but is careful the game may be keen to get money for you under cover of providing you funds. But there’s a way by which you can obtain the funds entirely free of cost that is by using the Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery hack. By utilizing the hack, you can catch hold of many credits in the game.



Here you will get to know about some of the fantastic tips that will solve everything that you may find challenging in the game.

  • House points

HP’s are one of the essential stuff to collect in the game. These house points can be earned in several ways. I have listed all of them below:

  • Always give your best to perform well at the school which you can do by giving the answers correctly to the professors.
  • Complete the story quests as much as you can.
  • Make the choices for your dialogues carefully that also keep the values of the house that you have chosen.


  • Energy

The game requires spending money on every task that you may want to perform in the game. Also, it is a widespread problem among many of the players. It turns out to be very frustrating sometimes when you want to explore the game or to complete the lesson that is going on.

In the game, several places are there that provide you a sufficient amount of energy twice in a day. These places are mainly the east, west towers, the ground floor in the west department and lower one in the east, dungeons, castle grounds and last but not least the Hogsmeade.

  • Funds

Two main credits are there in the game that requires proper management. These two credits are the gems and coins. There are many ways through which these funds can be earned, but mostly the game offers you to make the in-app purchases which can cost you real life currencies, but spending money is not the best option when you can earn these entirely free of cost. It can be done by using the Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery hack only.

That’s all for the tips that we are acquainted with right at the moment, rest these are the most important and the common ones that the people face. So, are you ready for your adventurous journey at the school of Hogwarts?


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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery hack proof

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery hack proof



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