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Hero Hunters, structure an indestructible team of heroes.

hero hunters playstore images

hero hunters playstore images

Interesting Facts One Should Know About the Gameplay of Hero Hunters Tips and Game Guide

Hero Hunters is a combat and battle game that was developed by Hothead games and released in February 2nd 2017, under the vast franchise named “Gun Rise”. The game was released fully on online public platforms by July 31st, 2017 and adopted its official Hero Hunter name. Ever since, it has been a world-wide favourite since its first release.

The game is free to be played and can be downloaded from Google app store and Google Play. Since, it is a multiplayer game the players have the freedom to discuss and proceed over the combat with the various forums open to all. Anyone, can move forward with the varied discussions revolving around the strategies, mechanics and various information regarding new updates being made in the game.

The gameplay of Hero Hunters

Now talking about the gameplay, Hero Hunters has a sole protagonist in the game who combats against all odds and evils in order to save his territory. The name of the protagonist is Panzer, who is a soldier and has an exo-suit. She holds an 18-round shotgun with shooting ability of varied ranges ranging from first rate to damage. She may reload her gun at an interval and again start shooting at her debarking enemies. There are varied range of hero hunters hack available which will ensure the usage of cheats and tricks in order to ensure a better gameplay.

The stage-wise division of the protagonist dealing with her enemies

The quality of Panzer combatting her enemies are divided into four broad categories, the following can be explained below:

  • Bronze Skill

The bronze skill is the basic qualitative skill that the protagonist Panzer beholds, through the bronze skill being implemented, the heroine fires explosive blasts that may affect the enemy in the targeted area, and basically deals with the mechanical damage being made. The enemies may be able to sustain the mechanical damage caused to them by 85%.

  • Silver Skill

The silver skill is what is just a minor successive level of the bronze skill and the protagonist just fires a round which does a minimal collateral damage to the enemy, with not much harm being made.

  • Gold Skill

The gold skill is implemented when the enemy team has more members than Panzer’s team. In this feature she has the bonus of causing extra damage and mechanical damage to the antagonists. As the antagonist’s army tends to increase, Panzer has the equal power to destroy each approaching enemy with the gold skill.

  • Platinum Skill

This is a very special feature as the protagonist Panzer gains additional mechanical damage abilities within the first 30 seconds of the starting of the game.

To conclude, Hero hunters is really a fun game consisting of high quality graphics. Moreover, get a hold of top-notch characters because of the convenient game-play.

Also with the various hero hunters hack available, you can easily combat your enemies and gain triumph over the opposing teams. These cheats and hacks ensures your win in the game.

Hero Hunters is a really awesome game, and it’s an assurance that the game won’t disappoint you to the least and you may enjoy the game wholeheartedly along with your family and friends.


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hero hunters hack proof

hero hunters hack proof

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