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Island Experiment ,survive in an island with kiddie characters. Explore the vast riches and uncover the mysteries.

Island Experiment is an amazing story game which takes you back to exploration games. The game has an amazing storyline where kids get stranded from their group, and they reach an island full of mysterious things and obelisks. Here the main goal is to look for the scientists who are carrying out some illegal experiments at the island. Look for the items that you can find there. Furthermore, there are many hidden places where you can find the secret treasure to collect for your fund. However, there’s always an option of using the Island Experiment Hack to have access to a generous amount of gems and coins in the game.

So, are you ready to explore some of the features of the game with us? Here you will find all the necessary things that you need to know regarding the gameplay of the Island Experiment.

Island-Experiment-background-credits to playstore

Island-Experiment-background-credits to playstore


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Key features

–    Explore the huge world of the Pacific Ocean and mysterious island here

–    Puzzles are also there for the players who love engrossing themselves in the puzzle games.

–    You can collect the funds and treasures during the game

–    You can play along with your friends and can experience exploring the virtual world adventure with them

–    Allows you to interact with multiple characters

–    Enjoy the realistic experience of being at a mysterious island.

These are the features that make the game flabbergasting. The developer of the game has very interestingly managed the game to be adventurous and fun as well. These features are enough to keep the players enticed to the game. You can find lots of cheats like these at zesthack

Now let’s have a look at the tips that you can follow to make your progress faster in the game.


Keeping the members busy

There are some resources in the game that is necessary to keep producing in the game. One of the most important resources is the food, and it is undeniable that you can’t thrive in the game without the food. Therefore it is necessary to keep the workers busy in doing the pieces of stuff, such as you need one worker who is always producing the food for the other members.

Upgrading the infrastructure

The gameplay also allows you to make certain buildings in the game and to upgrade them as well.  Some of these buildings and infrastructures are Lounge chair, lanterns, submarine, solar panels to carry out the mechanical work, etc.


Several currencies are therein the game which is required to be appropriately managed. Some of the in-game currencies are:

  • Luck, golden, native, friendship coins
  • Doubloons
  • The stamps: These can be obtained in the chests you will find while exploring the island. But these can be only obtained during some special events.

It is requisite to maintain these currencies in the game; however, in case not possible, then use the Island Experiment Hack and explore the island relaxed with an unlimited amount of funds.

These are some tips that will help you make progress in the game. Now you don’t need to get bored in your leisure hours because there is no time to get bored at the Pacific island. SO, go and better spend your time here and explore the land.

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