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The new age of Jetpack Joyride Hack has arrived. Allow yourself to enjoy unlimited coins with Jetpack Joyride cheats. Mess around with it on android and ios.

Jetpack Joyride, fly around with a jetpack and discover different types and sizes.

Jetpack Joyride playstore images

Jetpack Joyride playstore images

Jetpack joyride tips and guide

The Jetpack Joyride is the game similar to those similar to the running games such as temple run or the subway surfer. The game is launched by the same company that has developed the Ninja fruit hit game that you have probably played for sure.



Here in the game also, you will need to collect the coins while running, but there’s one more thing that you can do here, and that is you can fly using the jetpack as well. Meanwhile, there will also be some missile and fields that you can collect but be careful from the obstacles as these can knock you down if they hit you.


Collecting the coins

The game will appear to be very easy in the initial runs but will get tough as you will move forward in the game. Apart from collecting the coins while running, you can spin the wheels and get rewards as well. But you can avail the feature only if you have an android phone. Another straightforward way is to use the Jetpack joyride hack, whereby you can catch hold of coins in a liberal amount.



The game also features missions that the players can opt for and get cool rewards like the best jetpacks. One can use the jetpacks to boost up your performance in the game.



Although the game is straightforward and fun to play which is why it has kept so many players engrossed in itself, but still if you are new to the game then here are few things that can help you to boost your scores in the game and touch the heights that you want. So, without making any further due let’s get on to these tips right away:

  • Grounded vehicles

There are two vehicles in the game that are beneficial in the game, but if not handled gently and appropriately, then these can even become a disaster for you in the run. The two-vehicle named the Lil’ Stomper and the Bad Ass Hog are having a very high declining rate. Therefore, it is recommended to tap these two genially to avoid end up having the shattering.

  • Power-ups

The game offers the players several power-ups that can be used to their advantage. Some of these power-ups are the Boost rings, coin magnet and the Gravity belt, where three of them serve a different purpose in the run. Therefore, don’t skip to use them as these can enhance your performance to a greater extent in the game.

  • Head starts

The head-starts are something that can give a good push start to you in the run. These can be either obtained as a reward which is not that often or can be purchased from the in-app shop. Several five head will cost you a total of 3000 coins. But if you don’t have enough amounts of coins, then you can get a generous amount of these coins by utilizing the Jetpack joyride hack.


That’s it for the tips that you can use in the game while playing your run. So, be the fastest one to lead the run using our tips.



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Jetpack Joyride hack proof

Jetpack Joyride hack proof



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