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Lords Mobile, fight between empires and emperors as invasion becomes sporadic.


Lords mobile tips and guide

If you are fond of the kingdom building games then here’s what the IGG presents you a complete package of role-playing games along with kingdom management thing in a Lords mobile. Here the game offers you to play the role of an emperor who’s is taking on the enemy’s wave and managing your realm as well. Now the entire kingdom is in your hands, and it’s your responsibility to keep the management of all the things properly, whether it’s the resources or the missions.



Fund management

The game also has the features where you can earn the funds through various ways such as the missions, events, and quests. For a straightforward approach, you can use the Lords mobile hack and get access to an unlimited number of credits in the game.

3D graphics

The fantastic graphics will provide you a realistic experience of owning your empire like a lord. The graphics and the gameplay are the two things that have kept the players enticed to the game.



Now that we have studied a good amount of information about the elements of the game let’s delve into some of the tips that will help you build a strong empire. Below are the tips reiterated that you could have a look at:

–    Building your castle

The size of your castle should be big enough, that no other building will be able to beat its size. The castle is no doubt the most central building of your empire. Also, another most important thing is the capacity of your kingdom to accommodate the number of soldiers. If you want to increase the number of troops, you have then the key to that is the size of your castle. The bigger the size of your castle, the more will be the number of soldiers you can accommodate.

–    Setting the team up

To beat down the enemies, it is crucial that you build a strong team. It is not an easy task but keeping a balance between the heroes is the key. Build a team that is not easily beatable in any aspect, whether its strength or intelligence. Here are some suggestions that you can follow to build a strong team.

  • If you want your team to be reliable, don’t forget to choose the Rose Knight hero.
  • When it comes to agility, then the Trickster works the best here.
  • For intelligence, it is better to choose Prima Donna

–    Leveling up the heroes

If you are looking forward to upgrading the characters of your team to improve their skills and abilities even more, then we have some tricks that you can use for the purpose.

Accomplish the hero stages and the guild quest, as these two tasks will reward you with enough amounts of credits to upgrade your heroes faster in the game. However, you can also make the use of the Lords mobile hack to get innumerable funds.

These are the few tips that will help you in the long run in the game. Now, it’s your time to be the powerful sovereign and handle the empire using your tactical skills.


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