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Milkchoco,sports a unique 5v5 battle royale game in miniature type of characters. Don’t be fooled by their miniature sizes for they pack a punch!

The Milkchoco developed by gameparadiso is a battle royale game where you need to survive the combat field till you are the last one who remains. It is a multiplayer shooting game that is published by the GameParadiso for the Android and the iOS version. Furthermore, the developer of the game has kept the game size very minimal so that every player loving the particular types of game can become its user.


The gameplay of the game is very similar to that of the third player shooting games where a number of players are thrown in a battlefield and fight against each other to become the ultimate winner of the match. Here a few funds help you throughout the game. These funds can be collected while playing in the game or if you fail at maintaining the in-game funds then, using the Milkchoco Hack will be a good option in such case. Utilizing the Hack will allow you to achieve a generous amount of funds and credits to spend.

Now that we are talking about the funds, then why not let’s discuss the in-game currencies first to have a better overview of the gameplay.

milkchoco image playstore

milkchoco image playstore


milkchoco hack proof

milkchoco hack proofs

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Three in-game currencies are there in the game named Gold, diamonds and the clan Gold. The funds are critical to managing in any game because these are the one that takes your progress to the next step faster. So, let’s have a look at these currencies in brief:

  • Gold

It is the standard currency of the game which is spent on purchasing the number of weapons to fight. To earn gold, you require finishing the battles and leveling up yourself. However, there is one more way by which you can get access to them is by watching the promotional video ads in the game.

  • Clan Gold

It is the type of currency that is specific to be used by the clans. If you are wondering what a clan is then, a clan is a unique characteristic for you and the other players where they can fight against each other. To form a clan, you will require spending an amount of 5000 gold.

The Clan Gold can be used to purchase and unlock some special weapons and other cosmetics for you. To earn these, you will require fighting in the clan wars with other players. The Clan gold also comes useful when you need upgrading yourself in the game.

  • Diamonds

The premium currency of the game is the diamonds which can be done to do almost anything from leveling up yourself in the game to purchase certain premium weapons. The diamonds can also be used to buy the other currencies in the game.  The only way to earn them is by either watching the ads or spending real money. However, if you don’t find any of the way suitable for yourself, then it is better to utilize the Milkchoco Hack.

By now, you may have grabbed a good knowledge about the gameplay and currencies, so why not use the knowledge in acing up the game. Zesthack, intellectual game guides just for you. SO be fast and download it to show your skills.


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