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Mobile Strike , become an epic action hero like Arnold.

mobile strike playstore images

mobile strike playstore images

Want to know about mobile strike tips and game guide

Mobile strike is a war themed multiplayer online game to play for free. If you need to dominate the battlefield, you just come to the right place. You are always welcome to take a look at the tutorial of mobile strike tips and cheats guide. At present, the mobile strike hack is available for both android and iOS devices and also it is well known for its ads featuring action movie. Moreover, it is also a fiendishly addictive competitive game, so you have to refer the following important group of tips and tricks that help you to rule the battlefield.

Useful strategies, tips and hints for beginners

The main strategy of this mobile strike game is to build a base and enhance it to make it impassable, create an army to kill the enemy and also unlock all kinds of units. This game of war players will discover the game play that is quite fun and engaging too. This army theme will also appeal to the military strategy game enthusiasts. Let you check out the following quick hints, tips and strategies that would support you to build a powerful base, safeguard it from the enemy attacks and also get more rewards.

Lodge the resource tiles to obtain materials

You will discover the resource tiles scattered all over the world map. Let you tap on a map icon at the bottom left corner of a screen and then search for the resource tiles. They not only permit you additional resources, but also offer you a chance to find materials. These materials can be used to make body armor, accessories at armory, weapons and helmets. To obtain the advanced materials, let’s target the top-level resource tiles.

Finish the union challenges

The challenges can always support you get extra rewards. You will get leaderboard rewards, if you finish the tasks that appear on Alliance, Basic, State and Ultimate challenges. Out of these 4, you just keep an eye on Alliance and Basic challenges. The basic challenges are solo challenges that task the worldwide players to do a set of actions to get points.

Max out your wall defenses

Upgrading your wall safeguards your base and also unlocks the capability to upgrade your headquarters. Max out your wall also defenses to defend your base from the enemy attacks. To max out your wall defenses, you will want to use mobile strike hack and get the resources to construct the traps.

Obtain speed support from union members

One of the major benefits of joining an Alliance is getting speed support. The players can support each other’s research, construction and upgrade the timers to speed up building, researching the chief enhancements and leveling up.

Finish timed missions to get more rewards and EXP

The timer-based missions are one of the simplest methods to obtain rewards. You just have to click on a standard or basic mission and then begin a timer. Once the timer runs out, you will get more rewards. Still, there is a restricted count of timer-based missions.


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mobil strike hack proof

mobil strike hack proof



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