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POCKET TROOPS, tiny soldiers bundled with super weapons of mass destruction!

pocket troops playstore images

pocket troops playstore images

Four Unknown Secret Tricks to Master Pocket Troops

A video game is a challenge that players face and get addicted to accomplish those challenges, competing against other players. Accomplishing the challenges has many advantages like gaining of points or even getting monetary facilities. Game is not only for fun, it’s now a batch of honour that one proudly holds on mastering a particular game and boast about it. Pocket troops is one of those video games that seeks for accomplishment of various challenges, it is available in phones, PCs, Laptops and PlayStations.

Pocket Troops is a game on Mini soldiers who are ready for the player’s instruction as commanders. They are cartoon army shooters that have one mini gangster who leads the band of brave and purposeful army and has to combat against strong military bosses. This game requires players to form a firm team of experienced fighters.

This game was developed in the early twenties and was updated in June 2019. Developed and produced by Azur Games. An RPG game that is available on IOS and androids.

Some of the Pocket Troops hack that helps players to combat like no other soldier are

Approaches to Defense

It is good for the players to leave a strong protection for their battle squad when one goes offline. Once one goes offline that is the time, when opponents tend to attack the squad. There is huge chance of cash being stolen if the band of troops is not given the proper protection. If one’s troop manages to hold off an attack then it will gain a lot of coins. The game starts with attacking opponent’s troops so one needs to present one’s best band of troops to combat and reduce the health or HP of the opponent team.

Handling thunderstruck operations

Completion of the eighth mission that is Super Creeps can unfold and let one have an access in Thunderstruck Operations. One can opt for in the middle of thunderstorm these special actions. Thunderstruck operations have tougher missions than the regular ones, loot is necessary to get the missions complete.

Properly training and equipping the troops

Training is one of the key points to enhance the band of troopers. Proper equipments like weapons and armours are their parameters. Training helps in constant upgradations of the troop’s health, accuracy, and attacks. Best one can do to their troop is to send to higher training levels, into offline training, so that they are almost ready when players get back to online mode.

Constant expansion of troops

It will be risk to present efforts on a personal squad of troopers. If all of them are sent to the hospital at once, no more attack will be performed on one’s base. One should have a constant recruitment of new troopers and try out squad set up for every level. That will help the player to stay on the game for pretty long and might even win the game.

Pocket Troops hack is the best way possible to become pro in this game. It presents easy tricks to cross every hurdle that may approach in one’s way while playing.


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pocket troops hack coins

pocket troops hack coins

pocket troops hack cash

pocket troops hack cash

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