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Shadow Fight 3,  shadow realms and swords mixed with the medieval feel. Bring your friends in an online sword fight adventure.

Shadow Fight 3 playstore images

Shadow Fight 3 playstore images

Shadow fight 3 tips and guide

In the swarm of role-playing games, the one game that is gaining the steam is the Shadow fight 3 which is providing the players to experience the matches along with the RPG theme. The Nekki has launched this as the third installment of its Shadow Fight series which is a very popular fighting sequel. The Shadow fight 3 is a lot different from that of its last release because now the game has become the fusion of the RPG and the fighting game.

There are several in-game credits as well in the game that need proper management. Not being good at the management business here can cause you to face some challenges in the game, but the alternative is to opt for the Shadow fight 3 hack. By this, you’ll get a generous amount of credits which you can spend freely in the game.


Let’s move on to some of the indispensable elements of the game that you need to know about. Meanwhile, you will also get tips in each section we will be discussing.

–    Fighting

When it comes to fighting, then it is the heart of the entire theme of the Shadow fight 3.

  • Here mixing up your moves can prove to be beneficial for you as the attacks become even more robust.
  • Use the upward punch more as it is way more productive and damaging.
  • Keep an eye on the attacks of your enemy. You need to focus on their every move to prevent yourself with some counter-attack. Timing is the ultimate key in the tip.


–    Unlocking and upgrading the pieces of equipment

To progress faster in the game, it is vital that you keep updating your weapons.

  • Getting the new equipment can be accomplished by competing in challenges and winning the card packs.
  • You can even get an extra card by watching the promotion advertisement. So, more the cards more equipment you can equip. However, if you are tired of beating your brows into all these stuff to get the cards then try using the Shadow fight 3 hack. The hack will grant you an unlimited number of cards that you can use to unlock new gears.
  • Choose the weapons that serve you the best and is also a mix of different advantages.


–    Shadow energy

It is a type of energy that gets replenished when you fill the blue bar present right underneath the health bar. If wondering how then it fills slightly when you use a mix of some moves. Now you understand why I said that try to mix up your moves. The energy, however, doesn’t impregnate you, but it allows you to make some powerful attacks. Additional tips:

  • Maintain a good distance from the enemy before using the shadow energy attack.
  • Use the attack wisely as it can toss the game entirely to your side or the opponent’s side as well.

These are some of the crucial elements of the game along with some additional tips. I’m sure that the above-provided tips will be helpful to you in the game. So, hasten up and use these tips to knock down your opponents.


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