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Unleash a variety of crystals and credits with our Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Hack . Learn different tricks on android and ios with our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes, live the star wars saga within this mobile game!

star wars galaxy of heroes playstore images

star wars galaxy of heroes playstore images

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips and game guide for new players

Fans of Star Wars wish to explore their favorite galaxy via the best medium and reveal their skills to perform well in the game. They can focus on the mobile collectible role-playing game from the developer Capital Games and publisher Electronic Arts. Furthermore, they collect Star Wars characters from the canonical universe and create an outstanding team with them with an aim to use such characters to fight in all turn-based battles. They search for the latest updates of the star wars galaxy of heroes hack tool designed for increasing the total amount of resources in their game account without a need to spend time and money.

Do the essential things 

There are different methods to collect characters in this game. For example, you can gain characters via game play or in-game rewards in the shards form. Shards are earned by players who like to promote or unlock their characters. They are willing to get the highest possible crystals and credits. This is because these resources support players to do the following things.

  • Upgrade characters without delay
  • Enhance the characters’ weapons
  • Unlock objects as well as new characters
  • Play with confidence devoid of limitation of the gameplay
  • Progress in the game as quickly as possible 7

Many players of this game make use of the number one star wars galaxy of heroes hack tool and make certain about an array of benefits from such hack tool. They use the best characters used to heal their team and keep characters alive as long as possible to defeat strong characters. These healers play an important role in the Galactic War mode. This is because a long series of battles and maximum damages in this mode. Some of the best healers are Old Daka, Luminara Barriss and Jedi Consular.

Be smart and successful 

It is the suitable time to find out how to unlock characters from each class. Remember daily challenges and get the appropriate characters from the basic classes like tank, attacker and healer / support. This is worthwhile to enter the overall matches with a full party. You can use the galactic war which challenges players to fight in difficult battles against other teams. You have to keep in mind that careful planning as well as precise healing to get the desired result. If you win this challenging mode, then you can get oodles of credits, hard-to-collect crystals and training droids.

Competitive players of this game require additional treasures to maintain their high ranking. They spend crystals on the popular Chromium Mega pack and do not make any compromise on favorable things related to efficient use of crystals. Also, they use crystals to buy character shards and training droids to level up their fighters. They harness bonus energy and inflict healing immunity. Then, they use the simulation or SIM tickets when necessary. They use such things to replay the battle they have already won and save their time. More importantly, they play in bursts and not marathons. They have fun and enhanced various aspects of their performance as expected.


 Anti-Ban/Polymorphic Code
 Elite God Mode
 Unlimited Crystals and Credits for life
 User Friendliness
 Always Updated



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