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Summoners War, be one of the many summoners to fight it out in the battlefield.


Witness a Summoners war tips and guide Like no Other

Summoners war is a role-playing game that has been developed an engrossing various flabbergasting mechanism and the complex gameplay. The game is filled with unique monsters that you can use to thrive through the battles. The players so much love that it has crossed around 90 million downloads from the app stores. All is this is possible because it’s astounding and breath-taking features to give the game a realistic look.

Let’s have a look at the general elements of the game that you necessarily need to know.



There is a vast number of currencies in the game which can’t be explained here in one go but to give you a little idea about the funds, here I’m going to mention few of them below:

  • Crystals

The crystals are required to make a purchase of several pieces of stuff from the shop or to enhance the summoning power of monsters. Crystals can be earned while playing the game, but one can also buy these by spending their real money. However, if exchanging money for crystals doesn’t seem to be a good option for you then, the other alternative is to use the Summoners war hack and get access to a whole bunch of crystals in one go.

  • Mana stone

The use of these stones is indispensable in the game. As having access to these means, you can purchase everything. These can be either obtained as the rewards or produced through three kinds of buildings named the deep forest ent, pond of mana and ancient stones.

  • Energy and the XP

Energy is needed to perform everything in the game whereas the XP helps to upgrade the level as well as the monsters.

Apart from these four, there are many other currencies as well from which one of them is an arena invitation that is required to fight in the battle which you can also acquire with the help of the Summoners war hack.



Now if you are an amateur at the platform of Summoners war, then it almost impossible to learn the gameplay in a moment. It is apparent that you are going to need some help; therefore; here we have provided some useful tips about the game that will help you in mastering the game faster.

–    Get to know your monsters and also how you can use them. The step is very crucial, especially if you want to thrive in the battle for long.

–     Three monsters named Rainbowmon, Angelmon, and Devilmon that are used only to evolve other monsters. They are of no use in battles.

–    Meanwhile constructing different types of buildings in the game, don’t forget to build the arcane tower. COsntruct it as soon as you can; it is because after reaching level 5, the tower will play a vital role in your defense. Once it gets unlocked, it’ll attack the other monsters who are attacking your island, making it easier for you to kill them.

These are few tips that will make your journey a little easier in the gameplay. So, it’s time to go on an adventurous trip with the dragons in your world, your island. Have a good journey!!


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