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Toy Blast, match cubes and solve puzzles like never before.


image credits to playstore toy blast

image credits to playstore toy blast

Toy blast tips and guide

If you are a fanatic about playing the puzzle games, then you may need to give the Toy blast game a try for sure. The thrilling game is developed by the Peak Games to be played on both the Android and the iOS platforms. The people love the gameplay due to its simplicity and the way it gets harder when you progress further in the game. Here there’s a kid named Amy who you need to help get exciting toys by making the matching two tiles having a similar shade. Also, grab enough amount of funds to help her get more toys if can’t then move on by using the Toy blast hack and get back on the track.



Are you stuck somewhere in the game? Don’t worry here some useful tips are gathered below to help you out. Without making any further dues have a glimpse of these tips below:

  • Connecting your game to your facebook profile

You may be wondering why here I’m recommending you to connect the game to your facebook. Well, there is an apparent reason behind that. By linking your game to the facebook account, you can ask your friends to play the game and to grant you live. However, if it doesn’t work, then you know what will be the best thing for you is to go in comments sections and the groups of the game where you can not only make new friends but also can have access to some lives from them.

  • Special tiles

The special tiles are just the savior for the last moment when you didn’t use them on the whole level and get a two-star rating. Don’t fret as these special tiles will explode in the very last after you have completed your level rising your score to the perfect level to achieve a three-star rating.

  • Paying attention to the tiles

When you’re not getting anything in your mind about what to do with the tiles, then pay attention to all the tiles and look for hints. The game itself shows these hints by making the tiles shine or wobble letting you know the possible combination that you can go for.

  • Getting lives is easier now

Here you can have the advantage of the time lapse that you can change, but the trick only works for the users who are playing the game on their phones or tablets, not for the ones playing on facebook. All you need do to gain the lives back is to go to the setting of your phone and set the time to 30 minutes forward; it will grant you one life. Once you get life in the game, change the setting again to standard time.

However, if it seems typically boring to you, then use the Toy blast hack as an alternative to it and get the advantage of getting unlimited lives in one go. Thereby, you can enjoy playing the game as many times you want, without even worrying about running out of lives.

So, do you agree to help Amy in getting more and more toys? If yes, then download the game without any delay and help get her toys back.


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