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War Robots, is the biggest shooter gamer.

war robots playstore images

war robots playstore images

All You Need To Know About Walking War Robots Tips and Game Guide

Walking war robots-The name sounds interesting in the first instance.

Now you may want to know what are they and how they function. So here are some really interesting facts about walking war robots, and also some cheats and tips to guide you with it’s gameplay. Let’s first initiate with what the game is all about.

The game War Robots was previously known as Walking War Robots, and is a free mobile app game initiated by a Russian game company Pixonic. The game is a third-person shooter game with PVP battles consisting of a huge battle arena which includes multiplayers, and is played in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode, walking war robots hack was first released in iOS in 2014 and was later released in Android.

The Gameplay of Walking War Robots

The players in Walking War Robots operate a Battle-tech robot on a live battlefield. There are options available for solo play as well teaming up with multiplayers. When you start playing the robot battle you will be guided by twelve maps, and each of the maps has its own special entity, and its own approach of playing. The multiplayer game modes available are:

  • Quick Match
  • Domination
  • Beacon Rush
  • Skirmish
  • Free for All
  • King of the Hill

Amongst all these, Skirmish comes with a limitation of being available only on Thursdays to Sundays. King of Hill too provides the best gameplay, but has temporarily been removed for optimization purposes. When the player starts the battle the two teams combat with each other from two sides of the map. The player also has the freedom to choose his own robots and change them as necessitated according to their needs, but that again comes with a time limitation of hardly 10-15 minutes at the maximum.

Gaining high level of expertise

Gaining high level of points is the main field of criteria among the two opposing teams as they earn in hand gold and silver coins by proceeding with the gameplay and they can purchase weapons and equipment with the earned amount of coins. After crossing 10 of 30 levels the clan system becomes unlocked that the two opposing teams can benefit from.

Unleash the league for triumph

The robots in the game has a concept of playing a league. It all depends on how much of damage can a robot cause to the arena of the opposing team. There are various levels to be crossed while proceeding about with the game and the number of credit points earned by crossing each level and gaining trophies.

To conclude, the game is rated as one of the most popular game plays available in the market and its highly rated, and it’s an assurance that the player won’t feel disappointed while playing the game as the game has high-quality work of graphics, intensive characters, and varied ranges of equipment and weapon available to combat the opposing teams,  war robots hack also has special hacking opportunities and cheat codes that wil easily help you win the match and gain victory.




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