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The new release of WWE Mayhem Hack has arrived. Grab WWE Mayhem cash and gold with ease with our WWE Mayhem cheats. Mess around with it on android and ios.

WWE Mayhem, play as your favorite wwe wrestler “John Cena and battle it out with other infamous wrestlers as well.

wwe mayhem playstore images

wwe mayhem playstore images

Two Topmost Easy Tricks to Be Kept In Mind While Playing WWE

A video game is defined as a competition amongst the players and profiting themselves by gaining coins. There has always been a deliberate challenge to make games exciting with rich class characters and attractive graphics and audio quality. One such game that has stood out as a new sensation amongst the men of the society is WWE Mayhem.

WWE Mayhem is a video game on wrestling that is published by Electronic Arts, based on the promotion of American World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Men predominantly played it, but now many women have ventured to master the game too. The game is produced by EA, and is released in the PlayStation in the year 1999. This game was the first to feature twelve WCE per-per-scene venues, along with all WCW TV shows like Nitro, Saturday Night, and Thunder. It was one of the first video game on wrestling to add audio commentary to the game, provided by Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.

To master the game, players usually look for easier ways to win the game without making it noticeable to his/her opponent. Two most important tips that WWE Mayhem hack produce to make the game play easier:

Making the most of the Fighting moves

WWE Mayhem has many kinds of fighting styles. The three major ones are Light traps, Blocks and Strong Attacks. In order to win the game, one should know how to use them in the right way.

  • Light Attacks:

This can be used by the players to quick hit their opponents, Light attacks are faster than any other attacks and on tapping that it builds up the energy faster as well.

  • Blocks:

It helps to block the hits of the opponents, after some of the consecutive hits of player’s opponent; he/she gets tired for few seconds, which helps the players to make their special move if he/she is able to use it appropriately and timely.

  • Strong attacks:

This move takes a little time to get right, but with enough practice, one can use it faster. If this particular attack is pulled off on time, then it will lead to reduction of the opponent’s HP faster.

It is all about the time and appropriate clicks on the screen that can help one to win.

Utilization of health kits

The character’s health cannot be restored automatically. While fighting a character might get injured and reduce the health, there are various class characters to choose from, one can easily replace the former character he/she was playing with, or one can easily start restoring character’s health.

The health kits do not come for free it is actually rewarded after completing one level. It is advisable for the players to accumulate the health kits in the first few levels so that it can be used in the bigger battle or in the climax of the game.

The last stage of the game is more challenging than any other level; one would not like losing it after struggling so much all throughout the game. So the least, one can do to win the game is to let the characters function properly by getting their energy restored in full charge.

Video games like this not only help in stress and pressure management but also help in gaining a lot of profit. Profit can only be gained if one masters the game, hence in order to be a pro, one can look up to WWE Mayhem hack to get more ideas about easy tips to play.


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wwe mayhem hack proof

wwe mayhem hack proof



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